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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Waiter, There's a Spy in My Soup!

Paranoia strikes ever more deeply these days, but this is a world-changer if ever I saw one: a drone the size of a fly that flies and yes, looks like one, too. The photo comes from something called the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Micro-Aviary.

Study it. Now go to the window overlooking your front yard and take a closer look at that pile of dog poo lying there on the grass by the curb. What if that's the mothership?

Life will never be the same, at least until they invent over-the-counter counter-drone spiders.

Thanks to Mike Reizman for the image, the pointer, and his ever-vigilant coverage of the Drone Wars.


  1. Heather11:20 AM

    If they're quieter than the ghetto bird I'm not sure I mind. What is that "droning" sound in my head? If I hold up a large magnet, could I catch one? Of course you must have heard of the "mosquito" tone "they" use to deter teens from "loitering" at shopping malls and such. Most people lose their ability to hear the tone when they reach adulthood. But the military has found a way to disperse crowds with deafening sound waves. Sorry to "drone" on and on. Fly! Be free! :)

  2. In Olde England they discovered Bach did the trick on teens. Or maybe they called them "chavs." Love the ref to the ghetto bird, it's been awhile since I heard that one.

    Just read in the NYT that a drone crashed in El Paso and left the military scrambling to explain... until they discovered it wasn't theirs. Hmmm. Then whose?