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Friday, September 09, 2005

New Paperback of One Great Game on sale now--9/9/05

Just got word that the paperback of my football book, ONE GREAT GAME, is available--with a new Afterword that details the end of football's longest-ever winning streak. Publisher is Atria, a division of Simon & Schuster.

Already some coverage in Boise, where the Poly High fieldgoal kicker in the game, Jeff Hastings, is playing. And Calif governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has just sent me a nice letter praising the book's lessons!

Several players profiled in the book have gone on to college and playing on Saturdays, including at USC, UCLA, Notre Dame and Arizona State. Two made Sports Illustrated's All America preseason team: safety Darnell Bing at USC and tight end Marcedes Lewis at UCLA, both former Poly teammates. Both Bing and Lewis, and UCLA's Maurice Drew, had big opening games. USC offensive tackle Winston Justice has reclaimed his starting spot, and Notre Dame nose tackle Derek Landri is again the heart of the defense for the Irish.

It's wonderful to see the kids I knew four years ago succeeding, some despite steep challenges and setbacks, but I also think of how many haven't gone on to NCAA glory. It's sobering, and a reminder that sports success shouldn't be the goal of high school. Also, future success often comes hand in hand with personal discipline and self-control--those who partied late and avoided class rarely make it, despite the stereotypes we read and see in the media.

I do wish the best to all the players who made up the season portrayed in One Great Game--I hope they can keep going at the same level of committment, whatever they are doing now.